The modern Miniatures originated in the 1920s from the China rose 'Roulettii' (a form of R. chinensis 'Minima') although they have been grown since the 19th century. A greater range of colours and habits has been obtained by crossing with Floribundas, and singles by crossing with R. wichuraiana. This group intergrades with landscape, patio, groundcover and climbing roses. In Australia about 500 cultivars have been listed and about 200 are currently available, but they have not achieved the popularity here that they have, for example, in the USA. Falk Hannemann of Minirose Nsy, Box Hill, Vic, has bred a number of new cultivars (see below) and in New Zealand, Sam McGredy is an active breeder. So-called Party roses which flower when as small as 6-7 cm and ultimately grow to only 15-20 cm, bred by Poulsen Roses of Denmark, are a recent introduction to Australia.

Rosa 'Baby Darling'

To about 25 cm tall. Flowers small, apricot to orange-pink, semidouble. 'Little Darling' _ 'Magic Wand', raised r.s. Moore, 1964.

Rosa 'Fairy Floss'

Spreading shrub with attractive hips. Flowers small, white, in large clusters, fragrant. Raised by f. Hannemann, Box Hill,Vic, 1992.

Rosa 'Jamie Alexander'

Vigorous shrub to about 70 cm tall with foliage bronze at first. Flowers red, over a long season. Raised by f. Hannemann, Box Hill, Vic, 1995.

Rosa 'Lavender Jewel'

Flowers in clusters, opening flat, double, lavender-pink.

Rosa 'Little Mike'

Dwarf shrub. Flowers double, pointed, extremely small, dark red.

Rosa 'Mariandl 92'

Compact shrub to about 80 cm tall. Flowers semi-double, flat, slightly quilled at the base, petals red, silvery below and with a distinctive yellow central eye. Raised by f. Hannemann, Box Hill,Vic, 1992.

Rosa 'Orange Honey'

Shrub to 50 cm or so tall. Flowers orange-yellow to bright orange.

Rosa 'Red Carousel'

Flowers reddish pink, double, slightly fragrant. Sport of 'Magic Carousel' raised by Heather Rumsey, nsw, 1984.

Rosa 'Ruby Treasure'

Spreading bush with nearly black buds. Flowers double, deep dark red. Raised by f. Hannemann, Box Hill,Vic, 1990.

Rosa 'Sarah'

Shrub with glossy foliage. Flowers 1 per stem, pale apricot and cream, sometimes with yellow shades appearing in the hot weather. Raised by f. Hannemann, Box Hill,Vic, 1991.

Rosa 'Simplex'

Semi-prostrate shrub. Flowers single, white, tinged pink and green, with prominent yellow stamens.

Rosa 'Sugar Plum Fairy'

Spreading shrub to 30 cm tall used as a groundcover. Flowers profuse, small, single, lilac with prominent yellow stamens and a spicy scent over a long season. Raised by f. Hannemann, Box Hill,Vic, 1992.

Rosa 'Sweetcorn'

Flowers golden yellow, paling to pure white, over a long season. Raised by f. Hannemann, Box Hill,Vic, 1991.

Rosa 'Traceywickham'

Flowers bright yellow, edged brick red, fragrant. Raised by Eric Welsh of nsw, 1984. Commemorating the Olympic swimmer.

Rosa 'Wee Beth'

Flowers salmon pink, semi-double, with prominent stamens and slightly mossy buds. Fragrant. Raised by Eric Welsh of NSWand named after his daughter, 1984.

kingdom Plantae
phylum   Tracheophyta
class    Magnoliopsida
superorder     Rosanae
order      Rosales
family       Rosaceae
genus        Rosa L.