HortFlora is a current guide to the cultivated plants of south-eastern Australia. With plant profiles, identification tools and richly illustrated, the Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria provides this resource free-of-charge for farmers, foresters, arborists, botanists, garden and landscape designers, students, amateur gardeners, authors, journalists, and indeed anyone with an interest in cultivated plants growing in, but not restricted to, Victoria, South Australia, Tasmania, New South Wales and south-eastern Queensland.


Banksia coccinea, Scarlet Banksia, a shrub or small tree from southern Western Australia, is an important Australian cutflower.

Cedrus deodara, Deodar, grows naturally in the Himalayas, and features in many older Australian private and public gardens.
Quercus robur, the English Oak, is historically one of the most widely planted Oaks in south-eastern Australia.