This section briefly explains how to navigate around HortFlora. It also provides information on copyright, citation, and how to provide feedback.

Main options


Two ‘find’ boxes are provided. Simple searches can be accessed using the ‘find’ box on the top right of all pages. By entering a search term (species, genus, family etc.) information related to that search term will be displayed. The search terms are predictive, so options including the partial term entered will be offered (e.g. entering ‘euc’ will generate a pick-list with Eucalyptus, Eucharis, Euchile, Euchiton, Eucomis and Eucryphia) from which the desired item may be selected.  The other ‘find’ box, which allows more tailored queries, is accessed via the Search tab.

The following options are accessed via tabs at the top of pages.

By using the Search function users can search for any species, genus, family etc., or, by selecting filters in the left column, customise a search of the entire cultivated flora. Available filters cover classification, name type, taxonomic status, and related information. Simply check the box beside the filter of interest and then click on the ‘Apply’ button that appears. Taxa that are scored with those filters (or attributes) will be listed alphabetically.

Browse Classification

By clicking on this tab a complete hierarchical classification of the HortFlora may be seen. Clicking on any of the divisions within the classification will display the subordinate levels, right down to the terminal taxa within that division. The systematic arrangement of taxa follows that of the Angiosperm Phylogeny Group (see APG website).


An alphabetic list of botanical terms used in HortFlora is accessed via this tab. The list of terms is comprehensive, but should any terms be encountered in descriptions that are not clarified in the Glossary, please contact the HortFlora webmaster via the ‘Help’ tab.

Profile page features

Taxonomic status

Indicates whether names are correctly applied, synonyms, or incorrectly applied in recent treatments.

  • Accepted: indicates whether or not a name is accepted as a name in current use in Victoria. These are taxa which have had their taxonomy and nomenclature assessed by herbarium botanists, and have been determined as meeting the criteria for inclusion into the VicFlora.

  • Synonym: Synonyms (and the type of synonym where relevant) are indicated as such and the accepted name will be provided.

  • Misapplication: indicates where names have been incorrectly applied to Victorian plants.

All material provided in HortFlora is provided under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 international licence (CC BY 4.0), with the exception of any branding, including the Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria logo.


The preferred format for citation of this online publication is    

HortFlora (2018). Cultivated Flora of South-eastern Australia, Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria, <>, last accessed 27 May 2018.

Enquiries and Feedback

Enquiries about copyright, and suggestions for improving VicFlora, including usability of the website, new plant records and improvements to keys or descriptions should be submitted via email to