The term rambler generally applies to plants with a more lax habit than climbers. They need some form of support and generally produce large clusters of small flowers in midsummer only. They originated as descendants of R. sempervirens, known as Sempervirens Ramblers (SR), prior to the introduction of Multiflora Ramblers (M), crosses of R. multiflora with Hybrid Perpetuals and Hybrid Teas from China in the late 18th century, and Wichuraiana Ramblers (W), descendants of R. wichuraiana from Japan, in the late 19th century. A wide range of cultivars was bred from the latter two species, reaching a height of popularity in Edwardian times. For example the Wichuraianas are large- or small-flowered, the large ones raised mostly in France, c. 1900-20, the smaller ones mostly crosses between R. wichuraiana and Hybrid Perpetuals raised by Jackson Perkins and M.H.Walsh in the USA.

Rosa 'Albertine'

(w) Leaves glossy and copper-coloured at first, with hooked thorns. Flowers prolific, pink, yellow at the base, paling with age, strongly scented. R. wichuraiana _ 'Mrs Arthur Robert Waddell', raised by Barbier, France,1921.

Rosa 'American Pillar'

(w) Flowers in large clusters, single, pinkish red at first, paling to deep pink with whitish centre. (r. wichuraiana _ r. setigera) _ 'Red Letter Day', raised by van Fleet, usa, 1909.

Rosa 'Bloomfield Courage'

(w) Stems lax and with few prickles. Leaves dark green and glossy. Flowers in clusters, single, small, red with a yellow centre. Raised by Thomas, usa, 1925.

Rosa 'Blush Rambler'

(m) Stems almost thornless. Flowers in large tumbling clusters, pink. 'Crimson Rambler' _ 'The Garland', raised by b.r. Cant, uk, 1903.

Rosa 'Dorothy Perkins'

(w) Flowers in large clusters, pink, the occasional one white, fragrant. R. wichuraiana _ 'Gabriel Luizet', raised by Jackson and Perkins, usa, 1902.

Rosa 'Ednawalling'

Flowers small in large erect clusters, semi-double, cream with green and pink tints. Hips small, globular. Pre-1940, possibly raised in Australia by Alister Clark. Not to be confused with a bright pink Polyantha of the same name originating in NSWand otherwise known as 'Bert Mulley'.

Rosa 'Excelsa'

(w) Foliage dark green. Flowers small, crimson, in prolific clusters. Parentage unknown, raised Walsh, usa, 1909.

Rosa 'Gladsome'

(m) Leaves pale to grey-green. Flowers in large clusters, small, single, pale pink with a white centre. Hips small, ovoid. Alister Clark, Australia, 1937.

Rosa 'Goldfinch'

(m) Flowers deep to pale yellow, cupped, sometimes fading to cream. 'hÃĩlÃĬne' _ unknown, raised w. Paul,uk,1907.

Rosa 'Kew Rambler'

(sr) Leaves grey-green. Flowers produced in dense clusters, small, single, pink with a white eye. R. soulieana _ 'Hiawatha', raised Royal Bot. Gds, Kew, 1912.

Rosa 'Kiftsgate'

(sr) Rambler or climber with large glossy leaflets coppery at first. Flowers in summer, in large, dense, hanging clusters, each flower cream with golden stamens. Raised by Murrell, uk, 1954, as a sport of r. filipes.

Rosa 'Laure Davoust'

(m) Flowers in clusters, small, double, cupped, pale pink, fragrant. Raised Laffay, France, 1834.

Rosa 'Mermaid'

(sr) Leaves deep green, semi-evergreen; wood maroon, thorny. Flowers single, yellow with brown stamens, produced over a long period, highly fragrant. R. bracteata _ double yellow Tea rose,w. Paul, uk, 1917.

Rosa 'New Dawn'

(w) Flowers semi-double, soft pink, produced repeatedly through the season, fragrant. Sport of 'Doctor van Fleet', raised by Somerset Rose Company, usa, 1930.

Rosa 'Rambling Rector'

(m) Vigorous grower. Leaves grey-green. Flowers in large clusters, small, semi-double, white. Origin unknown, probably uk, pre-1912.

Rosa 'Sanders'

White rambler' (w) Flowers prolific, double, in dense clusters, rarely solitary. Parentage unknown, raised Sanders and Sons, uk, 1912.

Rosa 'Summer Snow'

(m) Stems without prickles, leaves pale green, slightly glossy. Flowers in clusters, medium, semi-double, recurrent, white. Raised Cocteau, int. Perkins, usa, 1936. Notable because the climbing form was raised first and followed by a bush form.

Rosa 'Tea Rambler'

(m) Flowers pale pink, double, fragrant. 'Crimson Rambler' _ a Tea rose, raised by w. Paul,uk,1904.

Rosa 'Veilchenblau'

(m) Flowers in large clusters, semi-double, lavender-purple, sometimes flecked white, particularly in the centre, fading with age, fragrant. 'Crimson Rambler' _ unknown seedling, raised by j.c. Schmidt, Germany, 1909.

Rosa 'Wedding Day'

(sr) Stems rampant and with few thorns. Flowers in large clusters, white, single, with yellow stamens. R. sinowilsonii _ unknown, raised Stern, uk, 1950.

kingdom Plantae
phylum   Tracheophyta
class    Magnoliopsida
superorder     Rosanae
order      Rosales
family       Rosaceae
genus        Rosa L.