Climbing species roses were few in Europe, the most popular being the Musk Rose. This changed with the importation of new species under colonial expansion, an alltime favourite being the Banksia Rose. Modern climbing roses were the result of hybridisation with existing garden groups to produce hybrid roses with large flowers, long, lax stems and generally repeat-flowering. Many have originated as sports of Hybrid Tea roses, Floribundas and others. Long shoots are produced each year from the base and the next year these carry flower clusters along their length. They are often taller and more spreading than their bushy counterparts, for example Peace and Peace Climbing. Some shrubs are split off as pillar roses or are known as climbing sports - Hybrid Teas that have spreading and flowering sideshoots. The group is sometimes split into recurrent and non-recurrent flowering types.

Rosa 'Alchymist'

Foliage dark green to coppery, stems thorny. Flowers early, nonrecurrent, dense double, quartered, yellow and orange, strongly fragrant. 'Golden Glow' _ r. rubiginosa hybrid, raised by Kordes, Germany, in 1956.

Rosa 'Altissimo'

Foliage dark green. Flowers single, velvety, dark red with crimson and yellow stamens, recurrent-flowering. 'Tenor' _ unknown, a Floribunda raised by Delbard-Chabert, France, in 1966.

Rosa 'Amy Johnson'

Flowers cupped, large, double, pink, yellow at the base, fragrant. Raised Alister Clark, Australia, 1931.

Rosa 'Aschermittwoch'

Foliage pale green. Flowers double, greyish, buff or white. R. rubiginosa hybrid raised by w. Kordes, Germany, 1955.

Rosa 'Birthday Present'

Foliage dark green. Flowers double, dark red, fragrant. 'GuinÃĩe' _ 'Rouge Mallerin', raised by Doug Toogood, Australia, 1950.

Rosa 'Black Boy'

Open shrub with thin lanky stems. Flowers double, deep red, fragrant. Raised Alister Clark, Australia, 1918.

Rosa 'Blossomtime'

Pillar shrub. Flowers double, pink, fragrant. Raised by o'Neal, usa, 1951.

Rosa 'Blue Moon'

Flowers double, mauve, the bud long-pointed. Climbing form by f. Mungia, usa, 1981.

Rosa 'Countess Of Stradbroke'

Leaves grey-green. Flowers double, dark red, recurrent. Raised Alister Clark, Australia, 1950.

Rosa 'Courier'

Flowers creamy pink, double, early and non-recurrent. Raised Alister Clark, 1930.

Rosa 'Dearest'

Leaves dark green. Flowers large, double, pink with pronounced yellow stamens. Climbing form of the bush selected by d. Rusten, 1970.

Rosa 'Gold Bunny'

Flowers double, large, golden yellow in clusters. Climbing sport selected by Meilland, France, 1986.

Rosa 'Golden Showers'

Flowers double, golden yellow, becoming cream, long-flowering. 'Charlotte Armstrong' _ 'Captain Thomas', raised Lammerts, usa,1956.

Rosa 'Handel'

Flowers large, semi-double, cupped at first, white with pinkish edgings enlarging with age. 'Columbine' _ 'Heidelberg' raised McGredy, n Ireland, 1956.

Rosa 'Iceberg'

Flowers semi-double, pure white, prolific over a long flowering season, very popular. 'Robin Hood' _ 'Virgo', raised by Kordes, Germany,1958.

Rosa 'Lady Hillingdon'

Wood purplish, foliage dark green. Flowers deep yellow with a hint of orange, semi-double, fragrant.a climbing form of 'Lady Hillingdon' raised by Hicks, uk, 1917.

Rosa 'Madame Abel Chatenay'

Flowers double, pale with darker centre and reverse, strongly fragrant. Found by Page, uk, and int. 1917, the bush form raised by Pernet-Ducher, France, 1895.

Rosa 'Madame Gregoire Staechelin'

Flowers large, pink, semi-double, non-recurrent, strongly fragrant. Hips yellow, pear-shaped. Raised p. Dot, Spain,1927.

Rosa 'Margaret Turnbull'

Pillar growth. Flowers large, double, cupped, pale pink, yellow at the base. Raised Alister Clark, Australia, 1931.

Rosa 'Missmarionmanifold'

Flowers deep red to purplish red, recurrent. Raised by w. Jack Adamson, Camperdown, Vic.

Rosa 'Peace'

Possibly the most popular rose of all time and important in the development of the Hybrid Teas. Flowers are double, cupped, single on the stems and slightly fragrant, the petals edged with pink and gradually changing to a paler yellow and deeper red. The Peace shrub was raised by Meilland, France, with pollination in June 1935 and budding in 1936. Peace is a commercial name (it is not the true cultivar name and therefore not written in single quotes) used for its introduction in the usa by Conard-Pyle in 1945 at the end of World War ii. The true ancestry is debated but often listed as ('George Dixon'_'Souvenir de Claudius Pernet') _ (['Joanna Hill' _ 'Charles p. Kilham'] _ 'Margaret McGredy'). The true botanical name appears to be 'Madame a.Meilland', the name given upon release in France in 1942. The climber is a sport of Peace raised by Brady in 1950.

Rosa 'Shot Silk'

Flowers large, double, bright pink with lemon, fragrant. Hybrid Tea. Sport of a non-Australian bush selected by c. Knight of nsw.

Rosa 'Titian'

Pillar rose to about 3 m tall. Flowers in clusters, large, tight double, prolific pink to reddish pink. Raised Frank Reithmueller, Australia, 1950.

Rosa 'Water Music'

Pillar rose to about 3 m tall with dark green glossy leaves. Flowers deep pink, petals dark-edged and whitish towards the centre, recurrent. Raised from 'Handel' by Ron Bell, Australia, 1982.

kingdom Plantae
phylum   Tracheophyta
class    Magnoliopsida
superorder     Rosanae
order      Rosales
family       Rosaceae
genus        Rosa L.