Hybrid tea roses

Together with the Floribundas the Hybrid Teas are the most commonly cultivated roses of the 20th century.This group arose as a result of breeding directed at larger, more colourful and shapely flowers produced over a flowering season extending through summer and autumn. They are mostly bedding plants with leaves that are often large and glossy. 'La France', raised in 1867, is generally believed to be the first Hybrid Tea but there were many other crosses between Teas and Hybrid Perpetuals, later including yellow flowers and possible disease resistance. R. ×odorata, Tea Rose, is generally considered the basis of this group. In Australia Ron Bell and George Dawson have introduced a number of new cultivars. Another group, introduced by Pernet-Ducher, originated from R. foetida 'Persiana' and a Hybrid Tea. These influential Pernetianas are now classified as Hybrid Teas.

Source: Spencer, R. (2002). Rosaceae. In: Spencer, R.. Horticultural Flora of South-eastern Australia. Volume 3. Flowering plants. Dicotyledons. Part 2. The identification of garden and cultivated plants. University of New South Wales Press.

Rosa 'Accolade'

Flowers double red, fragrant. Raised in Australia by George Dawson, 1979.

Rosa 'April Hamer'

Flowers silvery to rose pink, becoming darker with age. 'Mount Shasta' _ 'Prima Ballerina'. Raised in Australia by Ron Bell, 1983.

Rosa 'Camp David'

Flowers velvety deep red, the buds pointed, fragrant. Raised by Tantan, Germany, 1984.

Rosa 'Carole Joy'

Flowers large, red, slightly fragrant. Hybrid Tea. Raised by Bill Allender, Vic, 1991.

Rosa 'Chicago Peace'

Flowers double, pink on yellow. A reverse sport of Peace. Raised by Johnston, usa, 1962.

Rosa 'Cicely Lascelles'

Pillar growth. Flowers large, semi-double, bright pink. Raised Alister Clark, Australia, 1932.

Rosa 'City Of Benalla'

Flowers double, deep pink. 'Extravaganza' _ 'My Choice'. Raised in Australia by George Dawson, 1983.

Rosa 'Comtesse Vandal'

Flowers with pointed buds, large, double, pink with salmon and yellow. Raised by Leenders, Holland.

Rosa 'Crimson Glory'

Flowers large, double, crimson, highly fragrant. Raised by Kordes, Germany, 1935.

Rosa 'Double Delight'

Flowers with pointed buds, red on white ground. Raised in the usa, 1977.

Rosa 'Elizabeth Fankhauser'

Flowers large, soft pink, fragrant. Raised Fankhauser, Australia, 1965.

Rosa 'Headline'

Flowers orange in bud, opening to yellow suffused with carmine, fragrant. Raised George Dawson, Australia, 1978.

Rosa 'Janette Murray'

Flowers apricot-pink, double, on long stems. ('Daily Sketch' _ unknown) _ 'Montezuma'. Raised in Australia by Ron Bell, 1985.

Rosa 'Jenny Brown'

Flower single, dusky pink with prominent stamens. 'Dainty Bess'_ ('Dorothy Peach' _ 'Pink Favourite'). Raised by Mrs Marguerite Parks, nsw, 1975.

Rosa 'Josephine Bruce'

Flowers double, dark red, rather flat.

Rosa 'Julia'

S rose' Flowers medium to large, double, coffee-coloured.

Rosa 'Just Joey'

Flowers large, petals wavy-edged, copper to buff, fragrant.

Rosa 'La France'

Flowers double, slightly nodding, silvery rose pink, strongly fragrant. 'Madame Falcot' _ unknown.

Rosa 'Lady Huntingfield'

Dense shrub. Flowers large, double, deep apricot-yellow.

Rosa 'Ladymann'

Flowers large, semi-double, pink. 'Lorraine Lee'_ unknown, raised by Alister Clark, Australia, 1940.

Rosa 'Ladymary Fitzwilliam'

Flowers double, deep pink in bud, opening flesh pink.

Rosa 'Ladyvera'

Flowers deep bright pink to silvery pink, double, slightly fragrant. 'Royal Highness' _ 'Christian Dior', raised by William Smith of Vic, 1976.

Rosa 'Lubra'

Flowers deep crimson, double, fragrant. Hybrid Tea. 'Blackboy' seedling _ 'Ophelia' climbing form, raised Mrs h. Fitzhardinge, nsw, 1938.

Rosa 'Marjorie Atherton'

Flowers deep yellow, double. Featured in the Australian Rose Stamp Series in 1983. 'Mount Shasta'_ Peace, raised in Australia by Ron Bell.

Rosa 'Megan Louise'

Flowers double, 2-toned pink. 'Red Lion'_'Silver Lining', raised by Eric Welsh of NSWand named after his daughter, 1983.

Rosa 'Mister Lincoln'

Flowers large, double, dark velvety red, fragrant.

Rosa 'Mount Shasta'

Flowers large, with pointed buds, double, pure white.

Rosa 'Mrs Albert Nash'

Flowers medium to large, flat, velvety red with prominent yellow stamens. Similar to 'Blackboy'.

Rosa 'Mrs Frank Danks'

Vigorous shrub sometimes used as a climber. Flowers large, semi-double, lilac pink, fragrant.

Rosa 'Mrs Herbert Stevens'

Flowers double, high-pointed, pure white.

Rosa 'Ophelia'

Flowers double, salmon pink to flesh, with lemon tints.

Rosa 'Our Rosamond'

Flowers silvery pink, double with darker flushes. Long-stemmed. Raised in Australia by Ron Bell, 1983.

Rosa 'Pakeha'

Flowers white to lemon-cream, fragrant. Raised in Australia by George Dawson, 1980.

Rosa 'Papameilland'

Flowers double, crimson, fragrant.

Rosa 'Pascali'

Flowers large, double, high-pointed, strongly fragrant.

Rosa 'President Herbert Hoover'

Flowers double, pink with orange and yellow tints.

Rosa 'Queen Elizabeth'

Vigorous upright bush. Flowers in clusters, double, pink.

Rosa 'Rae Dungan'

Flowers with cream-yellow centre and carmine flush, fragrant. Raised in Australia by George Dawson, 1971.

Rosa 'Red Nella'

Flowers pale red, double. 'Alec's Red' _ 'Camp David'. Raised by Bill Allender, nsw, 1991. Name is the reverse of the originator's surname.

Rosa 'Restless'

Broad, vigorous bush. Flowers semi-double to double, cupped, velvety red.

Rosa 'Rod Stillman'

Flowers pale pink, double, fragrant. 'Editor McFarland' _ 'Ophelia', raised Robert Hamilton,Vic, 1948.

Rosa 'Sharon Louise'

Flowers pale or creamy pink, double, fragrant. 'Queen Elizabeth'_ 'Virgo', raised by Mrs Marguerite Parks, nsw, 1968.

Rosa 'Silver Jubilee'

Flowers large, double, high-pointed, silvery pink with petals yellow at the base.

Rosa 'Silver Lining'

Flowers large, silvery pink with paler and darker tints.

Rosa 'Sunny South'

Flowers semi-double, cupped, soft to darker pink on a yellow ground.Vigorous shrub popular in the 1920s and 30s as a hedge.

Rosa 'Superstar'

Flowers double, high-pointed, orange-vermillion.

Rosa 'The Australian Bicentennial Rose'

Flowers bright red, double, fragrant. ('Daily Sketch' _ unknown) _ 'Red Planet'. Raised in Australia by Ron Bell.

Rosa 'Warrawee'

Flowers pale pink, double, fragrant. 'Padre' _ 'Rev. F. Page-Roberts', raised Mrs h. Fitzhardinge, nsw, 1935.

Rosa 'White Wings'

Flowers large, single, papery white with purplish brown anthers, fragrant.

kingdom Plantae
phylum   Tracheophyta
class    Magnoliopsida
superorder     Rosanae
order      Rosales
family       Rosaceae
genus        Rosa L.