Asplenium viviparum (L.) C.Presl

Mauritius Spleenwort

Rhizome short, erect, scaly. Fronds more or less erect, oblong in outline, scales on the axis more or less linear to hairlike. Blade finely divided 2-3 times. Segments linear.

Generally known to horticulture in Australia under the former name A. daucifolium.

Needs shelter and warmth.

Madagascar, Réunion, Mauritius.

Similar to A. bulbiferum but with fronds extremely finely divided like the leaves of carrots, axis with hair-like, linear scales.

Source: Spencer, R. (1995). Aspleniaceae. In: Spencer, R.. Horticultural Flora of South-eastern Australia. Volume 1, Ferns, conifers & their allies. The identification of garden and cultivated plants. University of New South Wales Press.

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kingdom Plantae
phylum   Tracheophyta
class    Polypodiopsida
order     Polypodiales
family      Aspleniaceae
genus       Asplenium L.