Ulmus ×hollandica 'Vegeta'

Huntingdon Elm

A tree to 20 m or more tall that produces few, if any, suckers and no corky outgrowths. Bark often with the furrows slanting and running into one-another. Branchlets quite stout. Leaves slightly larger than those of 'Hollandica', long pointed, orientated horizontally, 7-16 cm long with 12-16 vein pairs; upper surface mostly shiny and slightly rough; the marginal teeth are slightly longer and sharper than those of the Dutch Elm, especially in the upper half while the basal lobe of the short side joins the leaf at the vein and not at the stalk. Early in the season a distinctive pale lime green. Leaf stalks 0.5-1.5 cm long. Fruit with the seed just above the centre. The leaf serrations are like those of U. glabra and the leaf bases are slightly similar to those of U. minor. [Ulmus הvegeta (Loudon) Lindl.]

Garden origin.

Leaves in horizontally flattened planes on the branches, pale green with long, sharp, pronounced teeth in the upper half (see illustration). The basal leaf lobe often joins the leaf at the basal vein, not at the leaf stalk, the leaf blade often covering the branchlet but not the leaf stalk. The pale colour of the leaves gives this clone a superficial resemblance to U. glabra 'Lutescens'. Several clones approach this one in leaf shape and characteristics.

ACT: Barton (Brisbane Ave). NSW: Jenolan Caves, Sutton Forest ('Hillview'). Vic: Box Hill (Central Plantation, Whitehorse Rd); Colac (Colac Botanic Gardens), Healesville (avenue one side of main street); Melbourne (Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria (Melbourne Gardens), just outside 'A' gate); Kyneton (Kyneton Botanic Gardens); South Yarra (Fawkner Park); Surrey Hills (Mont Albert Rd in parts) Balwyn (Fintona Girls School drive to Headmistress's House and elsewhere in this area). Tas: Launceston (City Park); Longford (Anglican Church).

kingdom Plantae
phylum   Tracheophyta
class    Magnoliopsida
superorder     Rosanae
order      Rosales
family       Ulmaceae
genus        Ulmus L.
species         Ulmus ×hollandica Mill.