Australian introductions include:

New Releases

Iris 'Art And Soul'

White, blue lavender, lemon, gold blend. (Blyth, 1998).

Iris 'Barbara'

S kiss' Lavender standards, yellow falls with lavender edges.

Iris 'Brassknocker'

Creamy white, deep gold signal. (p. Evans, 1997).

Iris 'Bronzing'

Violet with bronze shading on falls.

Iris 'Buttered Chocolate'

Yellow and brown.

Iris 'Coolangatta'

Violet and gold. (Blyth, 1993).

Iris 'Fly So High'

Tall, lavender and cream. (Blyth, 2000).

Iris 'Gold Price'

Taller, bigger, earlier flowering than the similar 'Goldmania'. (Blyth, 2000).

Iris 'Goldmania'

Gold variety used for floral art. (Blyth, 1989).

Iris 'Highline Honey'

Golden yellow with brown veins.

Iris 'Janice Chesnik'

Tawny gold.

Iris 'Just Janelle'

Honey overlaid with bronze. (Sylva, 1996).

Iris 'Leanor Hill'

Pale purple standards, bronze falls.

Iris 'Mahogany'

Chocolate brown. (Blyth, 1993).

Iris 'Myths And Dreams'

Ruffled powder blue violet with purple veins. (Blyth, 1999).

Iris 'Noble Roman'

Lavender blue and gold. (Blyth, 1993).

Iris 'Peak Alone'

Lavender blue and creamy white. (p. Evans, 1997).

Iris 'Prussian Magic'

Pastel lavender, blue and gold. (Blyth, 1993).

Iris 'Sidonie'

Very tall deep violet standards and pale violet falls. (p. Evans, 1997).

Iris 'Son Of Sun'

Yellow self.

Iris 'Storm Blue'

Ruffled deep smoky lavender purple with gold signals. (Evans, 1997).

Iris 'Twilight Mode'

Navy blue with gold signals. (Blyth, 1993).

Iris 'Upon A Harp'

Pretty laced lemon with deeper gold line. (Blyth, 2000).

Iris 'Wild At Heart'

Violet to violet-black standards with gold and brown falls. (Blyth, 1999).

kingdom Plantae
phylum   Tracheophyta
class    Magnoliopsida
superorder     Lilianae
order      Asparagales
family       Iridaceae
genus        Iris L.