Foeniculum Mill.


Latin name, diminutive of foenum — hay.

See F. vulgare for description.

1 species from Asia, Europe and the Mediterranean.

Naturalised widely.

Grown occasionally as a border plant for the feathery foliage, or in the herb garden for its aniseed smell.

Seed or division.

Aniseed-flavoured essential oils are extracted for the beverage ouzo, but there are also various culinary and medicinal uses. The fine leaves and shoots are used in salads and other cooking to impart an aniseed flavour.

Leaves smelling of aniseed and finely divided into feathery linear segments; fruit ridged but not winged.

Source: Spencer, R. (2002). Apiaceae. In: Spencer, R.. Horticultural Flora of South-eastern Australia. Volume 4. Flowering plants. Dicotyledons. Part 3. The identification of garden and cultivated plants. University of New South Wales Press.

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kingdom Plantae
phylum   Tracheophyta
class    Magnoliopsida
superorder     Asteranae
order      Apiales
family       Apiaceae
Higher taxa
Subordinate taxa
species         Foeniculum vulgare Mill.