Lechenaultia biloba Lindl.

Blue Lechenaultia

Erect or trailing shrub to about 0.5 m tall. Leaves linear to about 1 cm long and 1mm wide, thick and 3-angled or ridged below. Flowers in clusters, each flower 2-2.5 cm long with a tube about 6 mm long, hairy inside, the lobes with broad wings, the 2 upper lobes usually more deeply notched, bright blue, occasionally white; late winter to spring.


L. 'Autumn Blue' is listed.

Source: Spencer, R. (2002). Goodeniaceae. In: Spencer, R.. Horticultural Flora of South-eastern Australia. Volume 4. Flowering plants. Dicotyledons. Part 3. The identification of garden and cultivated plants. University of New South Wales Press.

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kingdom Plantae
phylum   Tracheophyta
class    Magnoliopsida
superorder     Asteranae
order      Asterales
family       Goodeniaceae
genus        Lechenaultia R.Br.