Cultivars of hybrid origin

A'Joey' Flower cluster obovate, grey-red, yellowish green towards the base, the inner bracts hooked at the tips. Florets forming a spiral mass; late winter to early spring. A P. amplexicaulis hybrid. Raised Proteaflora and released in 1996. PVJ 7(4)40.

A 'Pink Princess' Flower head broad-obovate, purple-red, innermost bracts narrowly spoon-shaped with dense white hair on the margins and tips; floret mass grey-orange. P. magnifica _ P. compacta. PBR name released 1998,A.Mathews, Australia. PVJ 10(2)57. Also A'Pink Cupid',A'Pink Pride',A'White Mist' and A'White Night', all PVJ 11(4)53.

A 'Possum Magic' P. longifolia _ P. magnifica. Raised at Proteaflora and PBR granted in 1994, int. 1995. PVJ 7(1)32.

Protea 'Candy'

A P. longifolia hybrid with a pink flower cluster, the inner bracts with a white fringe and flower mass pink; Feb-May, Sept-Oct. Raised by Proteaflora in 1989.

Protea 'Christine'

Flower head pink; autumn, winter. P. compacta hybrid released by Proteaflora in 1995.

Protea 'Kurrajong Carnival'

Raised by Protea Australis, Matthews, 1993.

Protea 'Kurrajong Rose'

Flower cluster clear red with silver tints. Florets deep rose-red. P. burchellii × P. magnifica. Raised Protea Australis, Matthews, Australia, 1993.

Protea 'Mayday'

Flower head pink, white-fringed with black tufts; floret mass pink, centre wine red. H.Wood. P. magnifica hybrid from s Africa.

Protea 'Pink Ice'

Flower cluster deep pink with silvery hair. Florets pink with a deep red centre, slightly pointed. P. compacta × P. suzannae. Raised Proteaflora, p. Matthews, Australia, c. 1981 and promoted internationally in 1987. Syn. ['Silvan Pink', 'Camelot'.

Protea 'Tickled Pink'

Raised Central Coast Protea and Waratah, 1996.

kingdom Plantae
phylum   Tracheophyta
class    Magnoliopsida
superorder     Proteanae
order      Proteales
family       Proteaceae
genus        Protea L.