Spinacia oleracea L.


Leaves ovate to arrow-shaped, mostly entire, occasionally toothed, the lower ones stalked.

Origin unknown (possibly W Asia)

Sometimes used as a vegetable, especially as a cool season crop in Victoria and Tasmania. Although undoubtedly a healthy vegetable, the iron content has probably been exaggerated.

Commercial cultivars include: 'Boomsdale Long Standing', 'Dominant', 'Giant Leaved Winter', 'Hybrid 102', 'Royal Denmark', 'Winter Hybrid'.

Source: Spencer, R. (1997). Chenopodiaceae. In: Spencer, R.. Horticultural Flora of South-eastern Australia. Volume 2. Flowering plants. Dicotyledons. Part 1. The identification of garden and cultivated plants. University of New South Wales Press.

kingdom Plantae
phylum   Tracheophyta
class    Magnoliopsida
superorder     Caryophyllanae
order      Caryophyllales
family       Amaranthaceae
genus        Spinacia L.