Hydrangea macrophylla subsp. macrophylla 'Mariesii Grandiflora'

Fertile flowers pale blue or pink, surrounded by about 8 blushed, marginal, sterile flowers, each with 4 similar, slightly wavy, toothless sepals. Raised by v. Lemoine, c. 1902, from naturally pollinated seed taken from 'Mariesii'; selected in 1902. Invalidly named 'White Wave' by Haworth-Booth in the 1950s to avoid confusion with other 'Mariesii' derivatives. ['White Wave'] Plants sold as 'White Wave' or 'Lanarth White' may be 'BeautÃĩ Vendômoise', which was raised by É. MouillÃĬre from 'Mariesii Grandiflora' and 'Rosea'.