Nymphaea tuberosa 'Moorei'

Flowers canary yellow about 15 cm wide. Leaves heavily flecked brown-purple. Research indicates this as a deliberate or natural cross of n. alba with n. mexicana at Adelaide Botanic Gardens at a time when Charles Moore was Director of Sydney Botanic Gardens and known to exchange plants with Adelaide and Melbourne Botanic Gardens. A specimen in the Melbourne Herbarium labelled by Guilfoyle as 'Moorei' is dated 3.12.1896 but there is no further information. In 1907 a plant was received by Lord Rothschild's head gardener, James Hudson at Gunersbury House, England and on 20.7.1909 this plant received an Award of Merit from the Royal Horticultural Society. Hudson was a keen collector of Nymphaea. [n. mooreana Guilfoyle]