Begonia semperflorens-cultorum hybrids

Bedding Begonia

This group is believed to have been derived originally from crosses of B. cucullata var. hookeri with B. schmidtiana but further species have been added to the hybrid mix including B. fuchsioides, B. gracilis, B. minor and others.

Listed commercial bedding cultivars include:

'Lucy Lockett': Flowers double pink

'Strawberry Sundae': Leaves pale green

Cocktail Group: Leaves bronze

Devil Group

Olympia Group.



This large and diverse group has been subjected to extensive hybridisation producing leaves with a wide range of shapes, colours and surface patterns as well as those with single or double spirals at the leaf base. The rhizome growth habit is variable-most creep along the surface, others are upright. Some have a surface rhizome to which are attached many jointed upright stems that give a shrub-like appearance, while B. philodendroides has an underground rhizome. Propagation is by rhizome cuttings although many can also be grown from leaf cuttings.

Begonia 'Charm'

Stems to 15 cm tall, reddish-brown, succulent. Leaves speckled green and yellow; margins finely toothed, hairy. Flowers single, bright pink, profuse.

Raised by E.K. Logee, USA, 1948. [B. 'Nancy Etticoat' seedling]

Begonia 'Misty'

Stems succulent, glabrous, to 25 cm tall. Leaves to 6 cm long, mid-green, glossy, glabrous. Flowers 2 cm wide, double mauve-pink with frilled petals, profuse.

(B. 'My Lady Fair ' × B. 'Pink Camellia' )

Raised by Jan Goodwin, Australia in 1991.

Begonia 'My Lady Fair'

Stems erect, light green, succulent, to 30 cm tall. Leaves to 8 cm long, roundish, mid-green, glossy surface; margins finely toothed. Flowers double, 2 cm wide, white edged with bright pink.

Parentage and originator unknown.

Begonia 'Pink Camellia'

Bronze, succulent glossy leaves to 6 cm long. Flowers 2 cm wide, double, pink.

Raised by E.K. Logee, USA, 1948.

Begonia 'Red Bouquet'

Stems erect to 25 cm tall, branching. Leaves to 8 cm long, dark green glossy surface with finely toothed margins. Flowers 2.5 cm wide, double, the 2 outer petals dark red, inner petal cluster pale red, frilled. (B. 'My Lady Fair' × red semperflorens cv.)

Raised by Jan Goodwin, Australia, 1992.

Begonia 'Red Camellia'

Bronze, succulent, glossy leaves to 5 cm long. Flowers 2 cm wide, double dark red.

Raised by E.K. Logee, USA, 1948.

kingdom Plantae
phylum   Tracheophyta
class    Magnoliopsida
superorder     Rosanae
order      Cucurbitales
family       Begoniaceae
genus        Begonia L.