Camellia crapnelliana Tutcher

Small tree to 8 m or so tall with reddish bark. Leaves to about 12 cm long or more, elliptic to obovate. Flowers 6-9 cm wide, white, petals 6-9, stamens in a central yellow cluster. Fruit to 10 cm wide.

Seed of this plant became available in Australia in the 1960s.

China, Hong Kong

Styles free.

Source: Withers, R.M.; Spencer, R. (1997). Camellia. In: Spencer, R.. Horticultural Flora of South-eastern Australia. Volume 2. Flowering plants. Dicotyledons. Part 1. The identification of garden and cultivated plants. University of New South Wales Press.

Distribution map
kingdom Plantae
phylum   Tracheophyta
class    Magnoliopsida
superorder     Asteranae
order      Ericales
family       Theaceae
genus        Camellia L.