Nymphaea stellata Willd.

Blue Lotus

Leaves irregularly waved and toothed and pink to violet below. Flowers sky blue with 11-14 petals, opening in the morning to early afternoon, fragrant. It is unlikely that the species is grown in Australia at present and hybrid cultivars are most easily grown in our climate.

Tender Day Bloomer

Nymphaea gigantea Hook. grows in N Australia and New Guinea but will only succeed in a climate like that of Melbourne if grown in a large protected and heated tank.

S and E Asia

Source: Marshall, N.; Spencer, R. (1997). Nymphaeaceae. In: Spencer, R.. Horticultural Flora of South-eastern Australia. Volume 2. Flowering plants. Dicotyledons. Part 1. The identification of garden and cultivated plants. University of New South Wales Press.

Nymphaea stellata 'General Pershing'

(n. 'Mrs Edwards Whittaker' × n. 'Castaliiflora') Flowers fragrant, deep pink, rising above the water. Stamens pink-tipped. Buds striped with purple. Leaves blotched red. Usa, Pring, introduced 1920.

Nymphaea stellata 'Golden West'

Flowers apricot, held above the water. Usa, Randig, introduced 1936.

Nymphaea stellata 'Green Smoke'

Flowers with shades of yellow, green and smoky blue towards the petal tips. Difficult to grow. Leaves speckled red. Usa, Randig.

Nymphaea stellata 'Isabelle Pring'

Fragrant almost spherical creamy white blooms with lemon stamens tipped creamy white. Usa, Pring, introduced 1941.

Nymphaea stellata 'Margaret Randig'

Flowers flattish, dark sky blue, fragrant. Petals broad. America, Randig, introduced 1939.

Nymphaea stellata 'Panama Pacific'

Buds and flowers plum purple. Stamens golden with violet anthers. Leaves red-veined. Tricker, 1914.

Nymphaea stellata 'St Louis Gold'

Leaves suffused with brown at first. Flowers yellow. Usa, Pring.

Nymphaea stellata 'Versicolor'

Variable, blooms white to pinkish red.

Nymphaea stellata 'White Delight'

Flowers large, cream coloured. Charles Winch, Australia.